Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Tribute To Alliance Radio... this one's for Kip.

Alliance Radio. It was known as "The Official Feed Of The World Metal Alliance" and broadcasted a full range of heavy metal music on the web during 3 different eras from March 2004 to May 2007. It has been called the "high water mark of the WMA" and was the realization of one of the earliest goals of the World Metal Alliance - an all metal broadcast. It was, and will always be, and important chapter in the history of the World Metal Alliance that needs to be remembered. But unfortunately, other than a topic on the WMA Heavy Metal Board and a few others buried deep in our old ezboard, very little exists documenting how it evolved through it's 3 different eras on the web.

This void of information has been on my mind a lot lately. I guess this time of year always reminds me of Alliance Radio - since Black Friday was the day of two Founder's shows and several other multiple DJ specials we used to call "Broadcast Events". So for the past few days, I've tried to assemble a visual overview with dates of Alliance Radio history in tribute to those who made it possible and what it meant to those of us who tuned in. I started by finding an old tribute topic that was posted just after the 2nd era had ended. It contained a collection of banners and event dates that covered the 1st and 2nd eras. I then went through the image archives to find banners from the 3rd era. (The only way I could figure out the dates was by looking at the creation dates on each banner.)

My personal thanks to all the members who were involved in it's operation - to all who served as DJs, to RipperJack who was partly responsible for it's initial inception, to Dr. Coldbreed who played a vital role as Webmaster during it's 2nd and 3rd era, and above all to NightBreed aka: Kip. Without his dedication, time and financial support, none of it would have ever happened. So in tribute of Alliance Radio, it's Admins, DJs & listeners, here's a small visual history. I think this will bring back some cool memories, I know it has for me as I was putting it together. And above all, I hope it fills the void for those who were unaware of the role it played in the history of the WMA.

First Era March 2004 - March 2005

March 2004 - Earliest banner I could find, before "Feed Five" became Alliance Radio:

May 2004 - First 2 banners announcing the initial opening of Alliance Radio:

May 2004 - First full size banner put into rotation on the WMA Forum header:

July 2004 - Banner announcing Free AR Bumper Sticker Giveaway:

October 2004 - Banner for the first WMA Founder's Show:

November 2004 - Banner for the first Full Moon Black Friday Multi-DJ Broadcast Event:

March 2005 - Banner for the Good Friday Multi-DJ Broadcast Event:

Second Era April 2005 - November 2005

April 2005 - Banner announcing the Grand Re-Opening of the new and improved Alliance Radio:

November 2005 - Banner for the last Multi-DJ Event/WMA Founder's Xmas Show:

Third Era October 2006 - May 2007

October 2006 - Banner announcing the return of Alliance Radio:

October 2006 - Banner which ran during the return broadcast:

January 2007 - Banner promoting AR during our temporary return to ezboard:

January 2007 - Banner announcing the return of NightBreed's weekly live show:

February 2007 - Banner which ran during NightBreed's live broadcast:

February 2007 - Banner announcing NightBreed's weekly live show:

March 2007 - The last AR banner, promoting the weekly live show and WMA chatroom party:


ginnnnsane said...

I gave my support in the beeginning, but sadly my life got in the way. It sadens me that AR isn't still around. I hope one day it will come back. You, Kip and others worked so hard and put so much effort in to it. If the WMA decides to try again, there has to be a better way to market it on a broader scale. It needs to reach a much bigger audience.

If AR never comes back I will have very fond memories of what was. I think the one that stands out the most is when Kip played "Rock You Like a Hurricane" for me while I was being pounded by Jeanne. My power went out before the song was done and I didn't get it back for a week. But that gesture still puts a smile on my face today. :)

Daniel said...

AWESOME article, man. This definitely brings back memories....

D.J. said...


I just found a disc full of AR shit. I need to sort through it...