Sunday, September 30, 2007

WMA Site And Forum Restored

A WMA salute and a ton of personal thanks to the WMA's resident volunteer code guru Chuck (HellMonitor) for once again answering our cry for help at a moment's notice. If it were not for him we'd be eternally stuck at ezboard and probably the only site content we'd have would be a dozen static html pages on

Last week he was able to perform a major miracle and somehow repaired the WMA Forum and database which was thought to destroyed. And last night he was kind enough to stop by, install the CMS software and help me add back almost all of the remaining non-forum content.

Essentially he is the WMA's Dr. Frankenstein, using his incredibly skills to bring to life an entire website that otherwise would be a pile of inanimate parts. I can't thank him enough.


Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Now the mysterious Hellmonitor now has a name! He IS human after all! Mwaaahahahahahaa! He did killer work, I'm so glad the site was able to be restored.

ginnnnsane said...

Hellmonitor Chuck ... we always wondered who the mystery was. He needs to post more like a human and not so machine like :p

Tell him congrats and thank you!